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The tool is provided for FREE by courtesy of Sagittarius

Growth through digitalisation

It has become a real competitive advantage to be able to navigate the many digital solutions, and prioritize the ones that will derive the most business value with the fewest resources.

The Networked Business Initiative's (NBI) overall goal is to ensure companies specific operational knowledge, which ultimately can lead to increased growth and competitiveness. The NBI Dashboard creates insight into where the company is strong right now and where it has unused digital potential.

The NBI tool can be used by all companies regardless of industry, size and digital maturity.

NBI is financed and supported by a consortium of Danish Business Authority, Danish Chamber of Commerce, Danish Confederation of Industries, Copenhagen Business School and Sitecore.

NBI Dashboard features

 Executive overview for digital strategy success
Get an executive overview of your company’s digital performance across business functions and technologies and build a strong digital strategy.

Comparative benchmarking 
Benchmark your company’s performance against other companies across industries and countries.

Insight into each business function
Contextualise the use of the technologies to the goals and everyday practices of specific business functions or departments. Understand where the company is strong and weak.

 Free access
Built by academics and industry experts. Access for free.

Mapping networked technologies... 

The NBI survey maps how selected technologies are utilized acrossed the company. Get an overview of the technologies of your choice and how they are utilized in the business functions with wish to map.
Get insight into the business value of the digital initiatives.

    Mobile         Web          Cloud          Social Media      Big/Small Data






... across business functions

Human Resources

Using mobile devices to create effective learning loops. Supporting a strong online employer branding culture. 

Innovation (R&D)

Empowering the bottom-up innovation processes. Using data for successful trend analysis.

Leadership and Management

Making data-driven decisions and using cloud to support a flexible and scalable company.

PR & Communication

Engaging with key stakeholders and opinion-makers online. Using the right digital tools to strengthen the internal communication.

Sales & Marketing

Boosting inbound marketing through social channels. Utilising digital ad spending effectively.

Service & Support

Building a digital self-service environment. Reducing cost through strong, data-driven projections.

The tool is provided for FREE by courtesy of Sagittarius

How to get access to your Dashboard 

1. Sign up via the form below.

2. Submit your data through the NBI survey. 

3. After filling out the data, you get access to your company's Dashboard.

The NBI tool can be used by all companies regardless of industry, size and digital maturity.

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About the NBI

The Networked Business Initiative brings together academic organisations, commercial partners and industry associations in co-creating a set of industry standards measuring digital practices and their relation to business success. 

The initiative is centered around a free web-service enabling businesses to map and benchmark their utilisation of technologies like social, mobile, cloud, data analytics and web to gain actionable insight for digital success.

Behind the NBI

The project is run by the NBI secretariat out of Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark. NBI is funded and supported by a consortium consisting of the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv), the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri), CBS and Sitecore.

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